Alibaba Cloud – features and pricing

We are all familiar with the 3 behemoths of cloud computing – AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. But is there any new player big enough to fight them?  From the East, the wind is blowing a new cloud – Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Group is massive. They have everything from e-commerce to online payment, entertainment, […]


Best Wi-Fi routers in the world – Top 5 (2020)

Are you sick and tired of your annoying, old, and slow Wi-Fi router? You want to smash it with hummer, but you don’t know what to by next. I will show you 5 best Wi-Fi routers in the world this year. Buckle up, and let’s check them out!  There are thousands of routers out there, […]


MacOS 11 Big Sur – First impressions

This 2020, during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the macOS 11 Big Sur update was introduced. Let’s review some of the new features we could enjoy this fall when macOS 11 will be released. Safari  In macOS 11 Big Sur, Safari runs faster, and there are battery benefits.  Safari includes a new translation function. […]

How to Linux

How to update all packages on Ubuntu?

All Linux newbies out there, please pay attention. I am going to show you a quick and easy way to update all packages on your Ubuntu computer. This tutorial will be useful for you, even if you use different Ubuntu-based Linux distros like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Linux Lite, or even Debian-based distros. It is the […]


Hello, everyone!

What’s up!  Josh Kitt here, straight from NY. Born and raised here. Welcome to my tech blog. Here we are going to talk tech. What is lit and what is trash. Cloud, consumer electronics, OSes, hardware, software, everything.  So, who am I?  As I mention, 100% New Yorker. Since I was a kid, I was […]