Hello, everyone!

What’s up! 

Josh Kitt here, straight from NY. Born and raised here. Welcome to my tech blog. Here we are going to talk tech. What is lit and what is trash. Cloud, consumer electronics, OSes, hardware, software, everything. 

So, who am I? 

As I mention, 100% New Yorker. Since I was a kid, I was hooked up on the gadgets. My mom was always trying to take me out to play. While my brothers were playing basketball, I was having a blast with my PlayStation. The couch was my castle. 

Good that I was smart at school, so my tech addiction was not a problem. 

Later I became the tech guru for the whole family. 

What computer should we buy? Josh will find out. 

What is the Internet? Should we get it at home? There I go again. 

The first mobile phone, Josh will know, right? 

One thing led to another, and I got a bachelor’s degree in Computers and Technology. University was OK, but where you really learn is the job. I got an IT job and started some programming hustle on the side. 

2,3 and even some times, more sources of income really are pushing me to improve continually. Yes, I study daily, even if I got my degree. Programming languages, new platforms, new tools. You name it, I read it already.   

I know well both of the worlds – the corporate business and its requirements and the personal IT needs. I can go in-depth about what’s new in Red Hat Enterprise and the next day comment on the new macOS or Windows. 

This blog is here to help you with all the vital news and tech tips. Here you will learn what you should keep an eye on, who are the big players and who are just posers. 

We are also going to talk about hardware. What is going on with Intel? Is it time for AMD to lead, or maybe ARM will be the new king? We will have many hardware topics too. 

So, I hope I will see you often browsing inside the blog. 

See you soon!

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